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Performance Management

LifePulseTM offers a wide variety of features designed to make employees and managers successful. The system was designed for users at every level of the organization and can be completely mobile for those employees who are always on the go.



Goal creation and result tracking. Employees and managers can set goals and track actual results daily. The system allows users to share goals. View goals from the top to bottom of the organization. Managers have the ability to assign goals. Goal results are easily tracked on the dashboard page. To ensure successful completion of goals employees can also create tasks and utilize the calendar to complete them. Flexible system allows SMART goals or OKR's.



Communication center design to allow several methods of communication with employees. LifeGuide also offers performance review templates to help with the performance management cycle.



Built in root cause analysis that allows users to take a step-by-step approach to determining why there are missing their goals and how they can get back on track. System notifies employees and managers when goals are not being met.


After creation, goals are locked into place and cannot be changed without permission. There are many places in the LifePulse where the system notifies the user about goals being off track. The reports section allows for easy access to data analysis. The system was designed to allow transparency among all employees.


The library quickly gives users the ability to set up goals that have been saved. The library also includes a large selection of job descriptions that can be used to develop new jobs and assign goals to them.


LifePulseTM ensures your employees are invested and aligned with your strategic goals and initiatives.

     Goals need to be captured and communicated before they can be measured and evaluated. Being able to do all of that in one place will help keep employees, managers and administrators focused on the impact and not the administration. Motivate and empower your employees to do their best with the right performance management technology.

Automate the employee performance evaluation process

Align individual employee goals with specific initiatives

Leverage personalized dashboards and robust reporting for gaining actionable insights

Access built-in, pre-loaded, customizable position profiles, performance factors and performance-level definitions

Always be informed with reminders, alerts and updates

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eLife Human Capital Management is a value added business partner for all size organizations. With almost 50 years of combined executive level Human Resources and business management experience we can provide customers solutions in performance improvement and outcomes directly impacting the bottom line. Our industry experience includes distribution, logistics, healthcare, oil and gas and hospitality. Our multiple industry experience brings you a diverse business background that provides results focused customized solutions for your performance and productivity needs.

Our certified and experienced HR professionals will review your processes, policies and procedures and make recommendations to optimize your workforce allowing your company to achieve greater efficiencies. In addition, we understand that shifting your employees to a goal driven workforces is a culture change and one that we guide you through to ensure the future success of your organization.

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